Annual Membership Meeting

NAMI Multnomah is a membership organization.  There is power in numbers, and your membership with NAMI Multnomah demonstrates your support of our efforts to break the stigma of mental illness, and provide educational and support opportunities free-of-charge to the community.  

Each Spring, we hold an Annual Membership Meeting.  This is the membership’s opportunity to vote on or approve the election of Directors to the Board, and review our Annual Report.  

More than this, though, the Annual Meeting is an opportunity to meet all of the Board members and staff, learn about our programming, and unite around our mission.  It is also a time, each year, when we recognize two individuals and/or organizations who are “lighting the path to justice, dignity, and respect for all people affected by mental illness”.  These individuals receive our Pathfinder Awards, in recognition of their mental health advocacy. See our list below of amazing Pathfinder Awardees:



Paul Underwood
Peggy McSorley


Fern Momyer
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office


Arlene Sherrett
Playback Theater


Barbara Besand
J. Pepin Art Gallery

Many thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Annual Membership Meeting, for your support year-round.  Please take a look at our Annual Report to see all that we have been able to accomplish this year.

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Annual Membership Meeting Gallery

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