NAMIWalks Northwest

This is a truly incredible and unique event. Each year we bring together thousands of people from all backgrounds with one common goal; to help fight stigma around mental illness in our community. Mental illness is an issue that needs to be talked about more. This event brings together many people – donors, walkers, captains, volunteers, friends, and family members – who are demanding that mental health is a priority.

Every one of these classes, trainings, groups, presentations and programs are offered at absolutely no cost for our community. The main reasons we are able to do this is through support from our networks and donors like you spreading the word about the work we do. NAMIWalks Northwest is our biggest fundraise of the year! Walk and/or fundraise with us at the next NAMIWalks Northwest event!

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NAMIWalks Northwest:

May 2020, Dates TBD

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The 2019 NAMIWalks Northwest was a huge success for NAMI Multnomah (and all neighboring NAMI affiliates)!!  We want to say thank you to our community for the incredible outpouring of support we received during this year’s Walk. We came SO far in meeting our goal! Thank you to everyone who participated in the NAMIWalks Northwest fundraiser this year. It was an amazing turn out of approximately 5,000 individuals walking in an effort to break the stigma surrounding mental illness Thank you to each and every one of you who shared information, helped us fundraise and showed up to walk with us!

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